Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peet’s Coffee and Tea

Time to blog about my second office. The first is in my home/car, the second is Peet’s Coffee and Tea on 38th and J St in East Sac and the company office comes in third. This is where you can often find me working on all sorts of real estate stuff.

It is an amazingly friendly crew that runs the store, the drinks they prepare are superior and the internet is free. Add to that a great crowd of regulars to chat with and you have a very inviting environment.

Try a Hazelnut Cappuccino and tell them that Nathan sent you.

Sorry to all my great Dunnigan compatriots, but I doubt any of you can make a cappuccino like Nicole does!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Visiting East Sac

If you want to visit East Sac in the best form possible, don’t stay in a hotel, stay in one of the quintessential homes close to McKinley Park.
While I haven’t stayed in this Vacation Rental By Owner, I have been through the property many times. It is a charming property and made it to my short list as soon as it was listed for sale earlier in the year. I had the honor of representing the buyers who purchased this property.
It is all that makes East Sac wonderful. A complete canopy of trees covers the street, the original windows have been professionally restored, beautiful hard wood floors and arches throughout the house and a oasis of a back yard. Walking distance to McKinley Park, Orphan’s for breakfast, Peet’s Coffee, Roxies Deli for lunch and all the great restaurants on J Street for dinner. It’s on one of my favorite streets in my favorite corner of my favorite neighborhood. If I didn’t already live 3 blocks away, I would stay here myself!
If you are looking to move to the area or return for a visit, consider staying at this amazing little East Sac Cottage.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Travel Med Inc.

While I love East Sac and all the great properties here, there is a vast world out there with many wonders to explore. My wife and I have been invited to go to India and meet up with some friends who will be visiting their home country and attending an amazing wedding there.

We can’t pass up the opportunity to see a 1000+ person, 4 day wedding, the Taj Mahal and so many other great experiences that country has to offer. But travel to India brought up the question of “do we need any shots to make sure we don’t bring an unexpected mosquito borne souvenir home”?

We looked at the out of pocket expense if we were to use our health insurance to ask questions and get the shots and we were surprised to find out that our insurance doesn’t cover vaccinations. Insurance would cover treating Typhoid Fever if we got it, but it would cost us hundreds of dollars to see someone about getting a vaccination against it, plus an unknown amount for the shots themselves!

East Sac’s own Travel Med Inc to the rescue! For $45 dollars each we spent over an hour and a half with the very knowledgeable staff finding out about everything that we could catch in India, getting shots to prevent the worst of it and finding out how to avoid all the other things we don’t want to ruin our trip. Not only did they educate us about how to avoid the mosquito’s that carry disease (I didn’t know that mosquito’s are attracted to perfume and black clothing), they sent us away with a personalized booklet about India and what to expect there from a health perspective.

Ok, no feeding the monkeys (rabies is painful, amazingly expensive to treat and deadly if you don’t treat it), we will pre-treat all our clothing with a natural mosquito repellent, no eating raw fruits and vegetables and a slew of other little details, but now we are ready for our upcoming and amazing adventure!

Thanks Travel Med!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Run to Feed the Hungry

Run To Feed The Hungry happens every Thanksgiving day and it’s something that you shouldn’t miss if your are in East Sac (and it’s hard to miss). 30,000 runners/walkers take over East Sac for Thanksgiving morning and it’s quite an event to get out and watch.

The other side of the event is that if you live here and you need to drive anywhere, you will have to be very strategic about your escape plan.

Here is the link to their web site and at the bottom it has links to a Map and Exit Plan:

And this is the link to the Exit Plans:

This gets posted and sent out in various ways, and I just got the posting in the Inside East Sacramento newspaper Wednesday. Hopefully you won’t be surprised if you are here and need to run to get cranberries Thanksgiving morning and find the roads blocked off.

Monday, November 1, 2010

It’s been too long…

I’ve been busy with clients and haven’t posted to my blog in over a month.

Since my last post we have closed on that great listing on Ole Ct in the Rosemont neighborhood and three more clients have put properties under contract. One of those, a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom, 3500 square foot home in West Sacramento is scheduled to close this week.

I doubt it will ever fail to amaze me home much of a difference there is in neighborhoods.

Right now a great 3,500 square foot house built 5 years ago in West Sacramento or a wonderful 1,000 square foot house built 75 years ago in East Sacramento both can be purchase in the low $300,000’s. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a home and neighborhood.

On the other hand, there are plenty of good homes in the area for under $150,000. At the current amazingly low interest rate the payment (PITI – Principle, Interest, Tax and Insurance) on $150,000 house is just under $1,000 per month. My buyers are loving that!