Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sold – 4119 Pebble Oaks, Antelope

This is an amazing home in Antelope that is just perfect for
my buyers. Everything even down to the pool was a perfect fit. The closing
process was crazy, but we made it through to the end!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sold – 1633 39th St

This little house is in need of lots of love but when my clients are done with it we will have another amazing East Sac home…

Thursday, August 25, 2011

39th & M Windows

Updates on 39th and M in East Sac: OK, I’m having a lot of fun taking pictures from the same spot across the street and then flipping through them on my computer and watching the house magically pop up. I’ve got the easy part of this job!

Fortunately I only live a few blocks away so a jaunt through the Fab 40's for another picture doesn't take up any extra time.

All the windows are now in and the house has taken shape. This is going to be an impressive home!

39th and M, Fab 40’s East Sac

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Listing 5706 Amnest Way – Now Pending

On 8/2/11 we brought 5706 Amnest Way on the market as a short sale and by 8/15/11 we were under contract. The bank is moving along on the short sale process and we hope that this is a smooth one…

39th & M Roof

Updates on 39th and M in East Sac: The attic space is HUGE in this house! We have been talking about finishing off a large section of the attic to have some serious storage space up there.

Notice the guy at the top of the roof line. While I lack the healthy fear of heights that many people posses, there is no way that you would get me up there doing that work.

39th and M, Fab 40’s East Sac

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

39th & M Framing

Updates on 39th and M in East Sac: It is amazing what they can do in just a few weeks with a dedicated crew! Walking through the site I can finally get a feel for what the finished house will look like. We are still a few weeks before seeing what the corner of 39th and M will look like, but the roof will complete the lines.

I love the view from the windows on the second story right there at the corner. You can look down 39th Street or M Street for a good ways before the canopy of trees covers takes over the distance.

39th and M, Fab 40’s East Sac