Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July Parade in East Sac's Fab 40's

This year will be another great 4th of July parade in East Sac's Fab 40's!

We will start on 41st Street between J and M and sometime around 11:00 we will roll out in a large, neighborly mob up the block to J Street, down 42nd Street to Folsom and then back up 41st Street.

I'm not sure what makes this event so magical, but it is. There is no marching band, baton twirling troupes, fancy cars, groups of Kiwanis/Rotary Club/Fraternal Order of anything. It will be neighbors on foot, bike, wagon, motorized beer cooler or other crazy contraptions. Some people will dress up in red, white and blue, some people will dress up like Uncle Sam. Aside from a firetruck and some great front yard parties, there is very little organization that the casual observer can see. 

The vast majority of people that go to this 4th of July Parade aren't going to watch the parade roll past them, they are there to walk side by side with hundreds of fellow neighbors the whole route. I guess that is what makes this parade so special. We aren't going there to watch it, we are going there to be a part of it.

I do love my neighborhood!

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