Wednesday, April 18, 2012

American River Trail First Ride of the Year!

We took our five wheeled tandem recumbent bike out for the first ride of the year. Last year we didn't get in very much ridding and maybe we should have started out with a lighter ride, but Cheryl was inspired and I didn't resist. We cranked out 30 miles today on the American River Bike Trail.

The first 13 we felt great and strong. At mile 15 we had a lunch break in one of the many parks to regain our energy and then started the ride back home. Somehow, we didn't regain our energy. The ride home was a bit of a slow grind. We are both very sore now and I think tomorrow will be worse...

It was well worth it. We got to see lots of great wildlife and had a wonderful day of it. Just a couple of the great pictures we took on the trail.

To see more about the bike, go the our website for it at

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