Saturday, February 9, 2013

3331 L Street Just Listed

I have a great new listing in East Sac. This is a wonderful two story brick home. Nice and spacious at 1780 square feet.

Stop by during any of our open houses and see this wonderful and unique home.

You can see all the details about this property at www.3331L.East-Sac.Com or here.


  1. Hi Nathan, kind of curious about the price one this one. It seems very high @$699K.

  2. The market has been picking up so much during the past 14 months and this is such a unique home that this price is reasonable given its great condition and location in East Sac.
    Of course, the final verdict on if the price for this home is set right will be what it sells for. Only time and the right buyer will be able to tell us that number.